Warning: Our prop money is exclusively for TV, film, photography, training and media production. Our prop money will not be passed as real currency and cannot be modified to look exactly like real currency. Attempting to use any form of media money to make a purchase is a crime and a federal crime. Except for media production, media marketing, promotion, training or advertising, any use of money props in any form will result in arrest and prosecution. We will assist law enforcement agencies about any illegal use.

Is prop money illegal? Is it illegal to own prop money?

The illustrations of the props we produce include design characters, design buildings, fictitious serial numbers, and our custom-designed badges and logos. Each prop bill is clearly printed with the movie disclaimer “It is not legal termed” and “Motion picture purposes”, and it is clearly printed on both sides of the bill.

The design of our prop money is created and digitally assembled using our logo, text, images, and makes it look different from real American currency. The paper printed on each banknote is high-quality printed paper, not a fabric similar to real money, nor does it have the same texture, feel, or security features as real dollars.

Any request that can make our prop currency appear or be used as real currency to deceive individuals in an illegal way will soon be rejected.

We reserve the right to refuse service from anyone.